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We specialize in servicing the debt repayment industry. We get it, ACH and card transactions in this industry have not always been easy. With years of experience and advanced tech, Lending payment solutions has mastered Bankcard, ACH, and RCC/Check21 transactions for every type of merchant and online lender. We pride ourselves on helping your business process your payments and save money so you can make money.

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Accept all payments. It's that simple.

Lending companies consistently have ridiculously high credit card processing rates. We know the industry. We know we WILL save you money on processing fees. We specialize in getting your business processing payments the right way. Hassle free.


• Mortgage, Auto, and Installment Lenders of all types
• Leasing and Rental company Specialists
• Understand the needs of Start-Ups and established companies. Brick and Mortar, Online Lenders and marketplace Lenders
• Over 500 Lending and Finance Merchants currenlty using Lender Payment Solutions

• Experience for easy integration with loan servicing softwares.
• Ensure regulatory compliance with our experienced team of experts. 


• Personal account representative at your service 24/7

• Customizable and flexible payment acceptance and fund disbursement capabilities

• Virtual platform or API plug-in for loan servicing software 

• Increase payment acceptance rate with Lender Payment Solutions 

• Expertise and experience in ALL card brands and ACH Lender programs

• Fully automate payment acceptance compliance without additional cost

• Established and exclusive relationships with multiple Sponsor Banks

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